White tea is quite rare and limited in production. It is entirely handmade. The whole process is managed meticulously, protecting the buds from any damage and overexposure. In Sri Lanka white tea is referred to as Silver or Golden Tips.

They are velvety to the touch and produce a pale liquor tinged with yellow – very delicate and subtle in flavour.

The manufacturing of white tea is a labour of love. From brewing to tasting, white tea is an experience that should be enjoyed in every sense. Dilmah offers a variety of exquisite handmade white tea for your pleasure.


White Tea by Dilmah

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Artisanal White Tea Manufacture


Experienced pickers handpick only the buds from select tea bushes of a particular variety before sunrise. The carefully plucked tea buds are placed in silken pouches so that to avoid any possible damage to them.



The tea buds are spread over black flannel surfaced trays and sun-dried under filtered light. At no instance is the tender bud exposed to direct sunlight. When the leaf has dried to perfection the tea is either packed as it is or made in to distinctive shapes which are unique to each style of white tea manufactured.