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Black Tea

t Series The Original Earl Grey

2g / 1 tea bag per serve - All Day

About this Tea: A legendary tea, named after Charles, the 2nd Earl of Grey and former Prime Minister of England.

Tasting Note: A rich and strong brew, enhanced with oil of Bergamot – a distinctive and unique flavour. Full bodied yet aromatic, with hints of citrus and a lingering and mildly sweet floral note, this is a majestic tea.

Water Temperature
Water Temp
Water Temperature
Brewing Time
3-5 min
The Pairing: Green curry, samosa, curry puffs, spicy meat, dark chocolate, high tea food
How to serve this tea
Serve with lemon or honey.
Do more with this tea
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Earl Grey Scones and Berry Sensation Tea Jam

RECIPE BY Shelley Watson & Loic Lemaitre, Rydges Hotel Campbelltown, NSW, Australia

Gold Winner Dilmah RHT Challenge Australia 2012


500g self-raising flour

1 egg

50g caster sugar

60g butter

200ml Dilmah Earl Grey brewed tea

50ml milk


500g berries

1 lemon, juiced

500g caster sugar

120ml strong brewed Dilmah

Exceptional Berry Sensation tea

1 packet fruit pectin


Mix well all the ingredients together, roll in to 1 inch thickness and use round cutter to obtain scones shape, brush with milk and dust with bit a caster sugar. Bake at 180°c for 12 minutes.


Brew 4 Berry Sensation tea bags in 1 litre of water and reduce it to 120ml. Add all the ingredients and simmer for 1 1/2 hour. Pour into sterilised jar.