Dilmah - Family - Talking Tea

"I devoted my life to tea. The noble beverage – unrivalled in the goodness it offers – deserves reverence and my family and my Dilmah will always celebrate tea whilst honouring its unique purity.” Merrill J. Fernando

The story of the Dilmah family starts with its founder Merrill J. Fernando. It’s a story that impresses and inspires, encourages and heartens: a story of determination and tenacity, of unfailing vision and unwavering focus of one man who, against all the odds, found a way of changing an industry and improving thousands of lives. Despite its credentials as a global giant in the tea industry, Dilmah remains a family concern where the traditions and guiding principles are handed down from generation to generation.
Merrill and his two sons, Dilhan and Malik, consistently deliver on their commitment to sharing the finest and most authentic cup of Ceylon tea, while being true to their very strongly-held principles of doing business as a matter of human service. At the inception of Dilmah Tea the Dilmah family pledged to follow the principles crystallised in the ‘Six Pillars of Dilmah’ in every aspect of their business. The Six Pillars are Quality, Tradition, Ethics, Our Customer, Integrity and Sustainability. This personal commitment is the Dilmah difference Step into the world of Dilmah and experience how this commitment touches lives of many – including yours; because a cup of tea is a cup of love, of kindess, of solace, of wisdom. Pour yourself a cuppa and let’s start a conversation.